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Chromebook Pixel revisited: 6 months living with Googles luxury laptop

March 31, 2013 0 comments

• Much as I like using tablets and touchscreens, you can’t beat a real keyboard for text input — and the Pixel’s keyboard makes me resent typing on anything else. The high-quality keys, spot-on resistance, and backlit nature of the keyboard are truly first-rate. Again, even the best entry-level Chromebook is in a different class. The same goes for the trackpad.

• The speakers, hidden beneath the keyboard, are good enough that I can happily watch TV and movies on the Pixel and forget I’m using a computer. With music, the audio quality is such that I often don’t even bother connecting to a Bluetooth speaker.

I tend to keep a ridiculous number of tabs open at once, and the Pixel handles it all with high-octane grace. That’s a distinct change from when I first reviewed the system: Back then, the Pixel would inexplicably stutter in those sorts of extreme usage scenarios, with an annoying background tab-refreshing behavior (officially known as “discarding”) that drove me nuts.

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