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Herwhat a liberated Saudi woman driver

October 31, 2013 1 comment

Herwhat a liberated Saudi woman driver might do if fully empowered—besides snagging a cappuccino:

  • She could drive herself to the nearest airport, from which she might try to fly to another city. Flight from one Saudi city to another can be grounds for divorce since, as a prominent cleric recentl
  • She might flee a male relative who insists on her marrying the man of his choice; and she might flee the prospective groom as well.
  • She might find a job without consulting a male relative—and then drive to and from it, also without his consent.
  • She might conclude that because the unbearably slow court system of her own country practically guarantees that women will be elderly before they can get a divorce from, say, an abusive spouse, she should try to end her own marriage elsewhere.
  • She might meet with someone more appealing than her husband, although preferably alone and without observers, since married women adulterers either four males or eight women actually witness the sexual encounter.

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